What is that online gambling provides

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What is that online gambling provides

Did you ever bet in your life? Did you ever been to casino? No, well it’s time for that to change. You see, we live in really exciting time where you can bet on whatever you want. It’s not just go to casino and play roulette. It’s not just play poker with some experienced players who will take you money. Today you can bet on almost anything. Well as a matter of a fact, I won some money two day ago by betting on how many points will score Stephen Curry for Golden State Warriors. I even heard that some guy put a bet on his son. How do you mean? Well, he put a bet that his son will play soccer for his national team. And he won. Today’s bookies will give you chance to put a bet on anything. You can bet on who will win an Oscar or, who will be the next President of The United States. And all that doesn’t come so surprising if you realize how much gambling industry grow. It’s probably the most profitable industry on the internet.
Everyday millions are betting on sports events, and also play card games like poker and blackjack. I even heard that you can bet online on games like bingo and keno. So today you can be a man who enjoys gambling, but you don’t have to step once in casino. So we have to ask ourselves a question – what is that online gambling provide us? What are their advantages comparing it with real casino ?
Poker-Player-Writes-Online-Gambling-BillFor starters, today every child knows how to play poker and blackjack. But that’s not because their parents took them to Las Vegas. No, it’s because there are so many different websites where you can learn to play casino games. On each of these websites there are guidelines and tutorials for inexperienced players. So with that knowledge and with having a thousand games in your hand, you can go and play online these games. Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 1:0
If you are shy, and you think that animals from casinos will eat you, there is a much obvious reason why you would like online gambling. You don’t have to face anyone. You can play your poison from the comfort of your house. If you want to listen to your own music, go ahead, it’s your house. If you want to take a break and go to the bathroom or go something to eat, go ahead it’s your house. If you want to drink and smoke, go ahead it’s your house. You can stay at your place, and bet online and win some money, and you don’t even have to dress up. Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 2:0

Also to be mentioned, online casinos give you some bonuses when you start using their websites. If you download their casino software, there’s money. If you play for a while, there can be bonus as well, because they don’t want to lose their customer. That could be their main slogan. We don’t want to lose any customers.

So in conclusion, Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 3:0. K.O.

Top 10 Pokie Apps for Android

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Top 10 Pokie Apps for Android

Today almost everybody has Android phone and bones it in various purposes. someone is an integral part of the job and use it only for business purposes while others use Android phones mainly for fun and games. If you belong to the latter group, we bring to your ten best android pokie games. Sure you’ll only find the right game for yourself that will help you to have fun on your android phone.
Double Diamond
When playing this game you get 250 coins welcome bonus. This android pokie games is a pioneer in games with upright symbols. When we look at all the options offered, you will see that this is much more than a traditional pokie game.

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Pokie Machine
This android pokies game offers you the possibility to play with five paylines. There are a total of 75 levels, and almost limitless possibilities of winning and entertainment. Of course, there is the possibility of playing against other players as the game further makes it even more interesting.
Monopoly is a game with a particular subject matter is based on the same social game. If you like Monopoly board game, will love and Monopoly pokie game. This pokie game offers many options for playing and getting a bonus.

Zeus’s Way In addition to standard and there are many additional applications in this pokie games such as Ancient Greek School of Magic, and Black Jack. If you are a fan of Greek mythology and history then this is the game for you.

Machines by IGG
If you were a fan of the Texas Hold’em poker then this is the game for you. From the same creator comes and Machines by IGG, so you can expect almost the same sound quality and graphics that will make the game interesting max.

master-dragon-slots-free-pokie-4-0-s-307x512Jackpot Pokies
This is an android pokie game high performances and plenty amended application. Besides the core there is a large number of additional games such as video poker and over 60 other games. Not to mention that the possibilities of winning and fun unlimited.

Fortune Wheel
This game combines the experience pokie games with one of the most famous and this is the wheel of fortune. The combination of these two games provide is perfect so do not miss the opportunity to try this magical experience that can bring you a lot of money and entertainment.

Wonderland It plays inspired by one of the most beautiful stories, Alice in Wonderland. If you are a fan of this fanciful story, then you will surely appeal to Android pokie games. With this game you can always dive into the world of imagination, have fun but also to earn money.

Pharaoh’s Way
This android game stems from the lessons of Zeus Way with you instead of Greek mythology and follows the Egyptian pharaohs life. So if you are interested in ancient Egypt, pharaohs and mystical pyramid then this is the game for you.

Hit it Rich! So why not hit it rich and try This android pokies game that combines a number of games such as Terminator, The Wizard of Oz, Downton Abbey and Sex and the City

Online gambling – Debunking myths

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Online gambling – Debunking myths

Online gambling is a new trend in the World today and every gambler is excited and impressed by it, and how could they not be when playing their favorite games now can be done anytime and anywhere thanks to technology, their mobile phones, notebooks or computers. Their free time can now filled with fun, and if they do not have money for gambling for real they can always play free thanks to the Online casino free to play option. However, when something is that good, people often ask themselves what is the catch, since there has to be one apparently, and that’s why numerous myths and lies were created about gambling online. We will try and debunk those myths for you, so you could gamble online without a single worry.
poker-casino-player-woman-playing-online-game-573064301. Online gambling brings a lot of money to the country whose residents are online gamblers, contrary to the opposite opinion and created myth. Only Americans spend crazy amounts of money on online gambling, in the recent years that number was close to thirty billions of dollars, not millions but billions. Online gambling websites earn enormous amount of money due to gambling online and deposits residents make, but they are obliged to pay taxes for the amounts they earn. Only in New Jersey, website owners earn about 10 million dollars a month, and it was legalized just a little while ago.
prekrashenie-poker-nordica2. There is a myth that bothers a great number of people and it is about how gambling online influences on destroying people’s jobs. This myth is nowhere near the truth, just the opposite, Legalized Online Gambling Websites need a big number of working people in charge of maintenance of the websites and various different jobs. Online casinos employ million of workers, and ground based casinos are more and more interested in cooperating with Online gambling websites, which contributes to opening new job positions for the people.
3. Many parents and adults are worried about their children accessing these websites and therefore becoming gambling addicts, that is why there is a myth about not being able to forbid minors from gambling online. This is not true at all, almost every online gambling website needs certain private information about person who wants to access this website, if it is a minor, he won’t be allowed to register or access the content of the website.
However if there ever appears an oversight and a minor access the website and place some bets, there is a possibility of website getting fined and punished. The thing with accessing and online gambling website is that you have to have a credit card to place your deposits, if a child tries to steal your credit card, wouldn’t you notice? The best possible resolve would be hiding your credit card from your child. The fault for your child becoming an addict will then be only yours and not website’s.

4. And the last myth is a myth that online gambling will increase addiction. Gambling addiction cannot be increased by online gambling any more than it can with ground-based casinos. It can only help, since there are free to play options and there is no alcoholic beverages to be offered online which are often the cause for getting addictive.

Online jackpot pokies

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Online jackpot pokies

Many online casino players find some crutial factors when making decision which online casino game they will play. So beside everything else, the biggest decision factor is possibility of earning large amount of money. There’s nothing that inspires people more than a chance of winning some great casino wins. Beside interesting themes, nicely designed games and free bonus rounds, most of people require that the pokie game offers a chance of winning big pokie jackpot.

A lot of online pokies games offer progressive jackpot wins. Some of that pokie games even have the progressive jackpots, which rises while the player continues to spin, which motivates him to keep tracking the right symbol combination for potentional jackpot win. There are many stories told about players that have won large amounts of money on pokie jackpot games, while they were playing on relatively small bets. Check out some of the famous online pokies jackpot games that are proven that often gives large jackpots, the dream of all players.

mega_fortune_slot (1)Mega Fortune – Well known pokie game that gladdened many players so far with large amounts of jackpot wins, which made their lives completely changed afterwards. There are many world jackpot records beaten by this pokie game, and the progressive jackpot that is in the game, makes the playing interesting and exciting from it’s own beginning. While the jackpots on Mega Fortune pokie game appear quite often, with pretty solid amounts of jackpot win, there were few times when the jackpot sum crossed over 10 million dollars. Well, isn’t is worth trying? The design of this online pokie game is not so luxurous, but still many players preffer just such design. More important thing is that you don’t even need to win the mega bonus to gain nice amounts of cash, because its very high RTP rate often gives regular wins that overcome the expectations of most oridinarly players. There are free spins, scattered symbols and wild symbols that offer random prizes or exchange some other symbols in order to make best winning line.

hall-of-godsHall Of Gods – Considering that this is the online pokie game made in Sweden, it is not strange that the theme of this pokie game is full of Nordian mythology symbols and Gods. Some will say that this is the second most „ giving“ online pokie game worldwide in online casinos. Sometimes it happens that months have passed without main jackpot win, so the amount sometimes become really attractive to many players. When it finally happens, the hammer of main Nordian God Thor will tell the player that he is the one. The real prize in this game, jackpot, can be tracked in Hall Of Gods bonus rounds, where the player crack the shields with Thors hammer, and if three of the shields uncover jackpot symbols, there will be the really big jackpot.

Mega Moolah – Another very interesting online pokie jackpot game, that can bring money to those players who are patient enough to follow the game until it bless them with one of jackpot wins. This game also is made with progressive jackpot so the amount varies, and in some cases it raise up to very high amount of money. One of the jackpots on this machine raised over the 3 mil $ so it is not strange why it is one of the most popular online pokie jackpot game today.


How to Gamble Responsibly?

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How to Gamble Responsibly?

We must be aware that gambling can cause dependence and some people create problems. In order to better meet the responsible gambling, we advise you to read this text and familiarize yourself better with the general information because if you do not access gambling responsibly, as well as everything else in life, then only problems ca arise.

Gambling Should Be Fun
Playing in your favorite betting, slot club, a real casino / poker room or online via your computer, tablet or mobile device, gambling for real money is to be kind of exciting entertainment and quality time where you can relax, where you can win, but also lose money. All of us who play know how good it feels to get, but we also know what it’s going on the other way. We must realize that almost all casino games, such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack (blackjack) where you play against the house, are based on pure luck. Strategies for roulette, blackjack and slot games can help, but again be careful because there is no system that delivers 100% profit on the internet casinos. Online gambling should be fun, not stressful.
Responsible Gambling And Measures

Every online casino has to have a special section and inform its players to play responsibly. In addition, most of the casino provides the following protection measures:

Limit payments – This limit may be for a period of 24 hours, 7 days or a month. What you need to know is that any change in the payment limit, comes after a period of 7 days. Limit payments can be changed by contacting Customer Support online casino or a change in the section where the responsible gambling.
Limit loss and limit the role – here you can limit your maximum role, as well as the maximum net loss in the period of 24 hours, 7 days or a month.
Timeout – Here you can restrict how long you can play.
Exclusion – Online casinos offer you the possibility to turn off your order at least 24 to be a bit “cool”, and also for a week, a month, a year or more. Also you can always close your account, but remember that you never can play in this online casino again because it is the final decision.
If you think you have the discipline and control, set any of the above limit and stick to it.
If you have a small budget and a small deposit, play with small stakes because chances are that you will lose are less.
Do not look at gambling as a source of income and a quick buck.
Never borrow money for gambling. Almost all of us have heard of the famous saying: “It is not the mother of a son swore that he gambled, but he tried to be” taken out “.


Do not gamble if you do not feel well or are under stress, alcohol or problems
The money which you use to gamble should be designed for it, not the money that is available for other things and everyday needs.
Be sure not to spend more than you can afford it.
Take breaks while playing. If you are in “poor show”, rest a few days and focus on other activities
If you think you have a gambling problem, seek for help!
And what is very important – Enjoy and have fun while playing!

Online gambling

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Online gambling

There are all sorts of online gambling games and the best thing is that you can play them all. You can play online games on the online gambling sites. In order to play them you need to make a registration and that usually means that you have to be over 18 years old. You can enjoy in any games you like and make some money if you have the luck on your side. Most popular games online are poker, blackjack, roulette, slots or pokies etc. Online gambling sites are great when it comes to shortening the trip from your home to the nearest casino. With this simple thing you can bring casino to your own home.

pokertableopensourceHere are some of the example of the games. For instance, poker is one of the most popular game of chance online and you can really express yourself while playing it. If you are trying to learn how to play poker, then you can check out the try me button which most of the online gambling sites haves. You can also play it online for free and thus learning that way can also be very interesting for you. If you think that you are really good in poker, then you could join for some online competition and tournaments and there you can get many prizes and the most important players experience.

When it comes to the roulette that is the game of the elite class. You can play it of course only if you have a gambling mind because in the roulette chances are mostly fifty to fifty when it comes to winning and this game isn’t providing any special thrill or enjoyment. It is just wasting your time because it is boring.

11The same thing is online but if you are playing online you can easily beat the machine. Maybe you should consider playing roulette live because it is much more interesting to lose money in some crowded area with some people around it and not just making angry at home because the program is taking all of your money.

When it comes to pokies then you should know that pokies are the most popular game that you can play online. Pokies is an Australian word for slots and they are made somewhere in the nineteenth century. As the technology advanced onto higher levels so does the gambling applied to that and now we can play slots online.

There are various sorts of slots that you can play online and they are really interesting. They can’t be compared to the real life machines which are simply swallowing all the coins that you put into them but it is fun, nonetheless.

Here are some of the games that you can play on these online gambling sites and what is most important is that you can make money on those sites in a seconds. Check them out and start gambling right away and of course don’t forget to enjoy in your gambling world.